You can't give up, Miku! You got this!

-Maki Kirishima to [1]Miku Woods Edit

Appearance Edit

Maki is a young slim women with large breasts. She has short white hair with blue eyes. Edit

Maki gets bruises after saving Miku from getting killed by 'Yoshiki Shimada'.

Her membership stamp is located into her Right Thigh.

Personality Edit

Maki is known as the 'most popular' Student at Tokyo High because of her being a Fairy Tail member. She is also good at singing.

Maki is also quite of stubborn. She also spends time alone in the music room. She has the quality of tsundere and has a hard time admitting her true feelings.

Magic and Abilities Edit

Maki is strong, and can deaf peoples since she has the power of music that can deaf peoples.

She almost died after being trapped in a abandoned house, but used her powers to go back to the original world with her friends.

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