What ever you decide to do, Make sure it makes you Happy.
-Miku Woods to [1] Maki Kirishima

Appearance Edit

Miku is a slim young women who has long black hair with large Hazel eyes.

Her membership stamp is located at her right arm.

She gets cuts and bruises after getting beaten up by her 'Long time crush' Yoshiki Shimada. Miku is known as the 'Princess Of Tokyo High' at her former school, Tokyo High.

Personality Edit

Miku is first shown to be a popular girl, although she is rumored to be violent and possesses a misconduct record for fighting. These rumors are later confirmed, when she beats up several delinquents from her previous school during school hours. Minoru challenges Miku, unable to believe what he saw. She easily defeats him, and it becomes a frequent gag in the series for Minoru to challenge Miku for stupid reasons, which always ends in his defeat. Miku usually uses chain combos with her high-speed kicks, even combining with Maki once.Minoru's face is usually hidden after the beating, implying it to be too damaged to show on screen.

Magic And Abilities Edit

Miku has fire-based powers that can manifest in the form of fire dragons, fireballs, fire beams, firestorms and explosions at varying intensities. They are usually offensive with the rare occurrence of a defensive abilities: fire shields, firewalls and fire barriers of different shape and nature. She has been shown to have emphatic abilities like seeing people's true natures.

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