I may not be the strongest wizard at your guild, But i'm still a wizard, and a Sabertooth member.

Appearance Edit

Raine is a slim young women with large breast, Brown short hair with Turquoise eyes, She has two hair accessories on each side of her head.

Raine is a teenage girl who has average height.

Personality Edit

Raine is always pissed off, annoyed. And somehow, She's foul-mouthed and rude. Sometimes, Raine has a natural kitty mouth or smile which is obvious when she's being perverted.

Magic And Abilities Edit

Raine has sun powers, which can blind people.

-Laser Staff; (Rēzāsutaffu): It has the power to release a green ray of green energy that can hold objects floating on the air. It also can produce large gusts of wind.

History Edit

Raine Sunlight's History;

Raine Sunlight stayed at her house with her best friend, Fiona Starlight, and not go to Sabertooth for awhile. After some minutes, Raine left Fiona at her house to go find her Laser Staff, which was lost. Once she got back with her gear, She saw Fiona who was puking.

They got into a stupid argument then Raine went out, and ended up hanging herself which was an accident. She wasn't herself.

Equipment Edit

Ring of Sunlight; Raine is seen wearing them

Laser Staff; Laser staff is Raine's weapon

Relationships Edit


Maki is Raine's close friends, well Maki si the only close friend of Raine since they were childrens.

Trivia Edit

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Raine's death

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