"I've had enough of you, Maki. I'm so done"

-Sophia Sapphire to Maki Kirishima Edit

Apperance Edit


Sophia is a teenage girl with below average height and build. She has Brown eyes and short white hair. She is a slim young woman with big breasts.

After Fighting with her previous partner, Maki Kirishima, She gets a lot of bruises on her body.

Her membership stamp is located into her left arm which is colored White with silver outline.

Personality Edit

Sophia is a bright and cheerful teenage girl who just enjoys playing around with her friends. She is kinda Stubborn, and hard to admit her true feelings to others. Her stubborn side is foul-mouthed, and her rude side.

But despite her selfish, and jealous actions, Sophia really does care for her friends, more than herself. One time, she sacrificed her self for Maki Kirishima.

Magic And Abilities Edit

Sophia has Water Dragon Slayer Magic.

-Weapons; Mythic wand

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